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A Cigar Hustlers Podcast
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A Cigar Hustlers Podcast is a podcast hosted by Mike Szczepankiewcz, from Cigar Hustler Fame, and Mike Palmer from The Florida Cigar Club. It launched on September 20, 2017, on Podbean. With episode had guest Guest Azarias Mustafa Cordoba and his wife at the time Emille. The show can be found on all Major Podcast platforms and has been listened to in 90% of the world. As the show grew in popularity they added a video version of the show on May 14, 2019. The show is a cigar-themed format with Industry news as well as Cigar Personalities. They are known for their hard-hitting noncigar interviews that give you more information about each personality as well as Palmer's uncensored Humor and bad impersonations of Cigar Industry People.

They were the first show to interview Hirochi Robaina in America. They had an exclusive Interview with Privada Club Creator Brian Designed after his now famous meltdown social media post after his website was hacked and taken down. Matt Booth, Jack Torano, and Hector Alfonso to name a few are regular call-in guests.


The podcast originally began in early 2017 when Mikey came to Mike Palmer and suggested that they do a podcast on cigars. Palmer quickly went to work learning all he could about podcasts, how to make them, equipment, editing, recording, and how to distribute such a show. With Mikey’s industry connections and Palmer’s new ability to “Podcast” they threw the show together and Monkey Fucked their way to becoming Industry Media, as proclaimed by “Cigar Coop”, Industry Media Giant.


The show is done in three types. The standard Audio format can be found on over 13 different podcast providers. The video shows can only be found on YouTube and they do a Patreon Show, which is a monthly paid subscription show where they get into more of the dirty truth of the cigar industry and review a weekly chosen cigar.

The Difference

The show refuses to take on any cigar advertising, Allowing them to keep the shows integrity intact. They are this way free to say anything and everything they want about cigars.


First episode September 20, 2017

On April 17, 2022 they became the Hustler Podcast Network adding a second show by Mike Palmer and Chet Atwell called, “The Chet and Palmer Show Podcast”. A show about Middle-Aged Men in America. The show centers around the emotional, physical and financial problems affecting this group.

Jul 8th, 2022 they added That Sports Talk with Stephen Hippelheuser, Mark Robert and JJ Smith Jr.

Rounding out the entertaining network. Each show can be heard weekly on the network.


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