Aaron "Big Chungus" Davis (Select Draw Ambassador)

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Aaron "Big Chungus" Davis

Aaron "Big Chungus" Davis, a Select Draw Cigar Cutters ambassador, started his cigar journey in the summer of 2022. His journey with the tobacco leaf itself started with pipe tobacco and organically evolved into the cigar. From the first third of his first cigar, which was an Asylum Insidious, he knew his curiosity would blossom into a full blown passion. Aaron tried a variety of cigars such as Asylum, CAO, Drew Estate, Gurkha, and so many more. He has made many friends because of their shared love for the leaf and looks forward to making many more and learning all he can. Recently Aaron has joined the ranks of Ambassadors for the wonderful Selectdraw Cigar Cutter company. Which would not have happened if not for the growing passion for the cigar leaf that Aaron has.