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Aganorsa Leaf
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More than 20 years and countless awards later, Aganorsa Leaf is renowned throughout the world for its signature flavor that possesses all the great attributes of Nicaraguan terroir along with classic Cuban aroma and flavor. As a vertically integrated company, Aganorsa Leaf oversees the entire production process—from seed to ash—ensuring every cigar consistently produces maximum pleasure. Every cigar rolled in our factories in Nicaragua and Miami is composed of our highest grade Aganorsa Leaf and is crafted under the watchful eye of Eduardo, his son Max, and their team of Cuban supervisors. When you smoke one of our world-class blends, you will experience the difference between ordinary tobacco and Aganorsa Leaf.

In 1998, Eduardo Fernandez went to Nicaragua with a dream: to grow the finest tobacco in the world that captured the very essence of the Cuban cigars of old. To do this, he traveled to Cuba and assembled a world-class team of Cuban agronomists who worked at the highest levels of Cubatabaco, in many cases for over half a century, and brought them to Nicaragua.

These men oversaw the production of tobacco during the heyday of Cuban cigars, knew exactly the taste they were famous for, and recognized they could recreate the style and aroma of Cuban leaf using traditional Cuban methods in conjunction with the resources available to them in Nicaragua. The tobacco they cultivated is named Aganorsa Leaf.

Educating Cigar Aficionados

Every day the reputation of Aganorsa Leaf spreads and we are dedicated to educating cigar aficionados regarding the unique taste and aroma that give our tobacco its signature flavor. Make sure to be on the lookout for our Aganorsa Experience events, led by Terence Reilly, at retail shops across the country. During these seminars, you will have the chance to taste components of our blends to experience how each tobacco contributes to the cigar and appreciate what makes Aganorsa Leaf unique from all other tobaccos.[1]