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Andy Garrett
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Born1963 (age 60–61)
Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Andy Garrett was born in Yorkshire, United Kingdom in 1963, his family history shows past generations were listed as horse dealers and hawkers of no fixed abode in the censuses of the 1800s. He was a petrol pump attendant at the age of 14 then finished school and became a butcher;later becoming a warehouse manager while also doing bar work an eventually becoming a pub landlord for 15 years.

He then went full time into the security industry as a door supervisor, and for the last 7 years he has been a part of the security team for a large leisure/business complex, which that has anything from a corner shop/bars offices, restaurants, and a fantastic art gallery and a theatre. Andy started smoking cigars seriously around 6 years ago, and prior to that it was the occasional cigar on special occasions.

He was then introduced to a rather nice Romeo y Jullietta wide Churchill by someone he met that is now one of his best friends. Since then it’s been a great journey he runs 2 small social media groups and he is also co-founder and admin of Cigar lounge international with his much loved Twinny Si Sweeney.

He also organizes the Halifax Herf and in 2023 he hopes to organize another 2 possibly 3 of these events. He has made friends that have now become like family and his passion for Cigars is fueled by the love of the people of the cigar community and the industry itself.

To coin a phrase often used by Carlito Fuente ( it’s all about the people)