Genevieve Harris (Select Draw Ambassador)

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Genevieve Harris

Genevieve Harris is a Select Draw Cigar Cutters ambassador. She started smoking 11 years ago on her front porch with Eric. Her first cigar was a Cohiba Comador and Master Blend 3 Oliva full-bodied cigar paired with a deep red wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon, scotch, or bourbon. Since then, She has gained tobacconist knowledge through working at several cigar lounges in the Hampton Roads area, including Smoke Shack Cigar Lounge, Primo Coffee and Cigars, and Wiley’s Cigar Lounge. She enjoys teaching people about the anatomy and profile of a cigar and loves to support the cigar community by promoting their businesses. Her vision is to establish a cigar brand and a cigar lounge based on her bubbly personality, and her goal is to bring people together for the love of the leaf.