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Jamice Colbert
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Jamice, a Select Draw Cigar Cutters ambassador, known on social media networks as Creole_Sweetheart, is a cigar enthusiast and ambassador for Select Draw Cigar Cutters. Her journey into the cigar industry started with a decision to try a cigar for fun. That first cigar was Black Label Trading Company’s Bishops Blend. The rest of the journey into the world of cigars has been driven by desire and a true passion for cigars.

Creole_Sweetheart uses her social media platforms to provide information to the cigar community about new boutique brands, great picks from well-known brands, and options for quality cigar accessories and tools to enhance the cigar smoking experience. She has been quickly accepted as a trusted resource in the community for many cigar smokers.

As her journey continues into the cigar industry, she looks forward to building new trusted relationships with brand owners while continuing to use her social media platform to share the latest and greatest products and cigars with consumers.