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Mike Palmer

Mike Palmer is Founder and President of The Florida Cigar Club. A Florida resident FaceBook group started in 2018 with only five members has now grown to over 1600 members. What’s makes this group different is you are required to participate once every two weeks or you can be removed.

Mike started the group as a way to grow friendships inside Florida around his love of cigars.

Through the group he has become friends with many Celebrity Cigar Personalities and shop owners. It is very rare that he is not recognized when he walks into any shop in the State of Florida.

Early life

Hustler Empire

This is how he met Gregg and Michael Szczepankiewcz of Cigar Hustlers Fame. Mike has become the Social Media and Marketing arm of the Hustler Empire. Helping with the retail, wholesale and online Business.

Five years ago Mike and Mike Szczepankiewcz started Mike and Mike Productions. A production company were they started The Cigar Hustler Podcast. The show quickly grew and is now the #1 cigar show on Podbean a popular Podcast Distributor. The show was awarded the 2019 New Cigar Show of the Year from Podbean and has since received different wards for growth and downloads.

BDP Cigar

In 2022 Mike finally came out with his own Cigar, The BDP. Mike blended and produced his cigar with the help of “Z” Mustafa from Cordoba and Morales.

“BDP” is a name which stands for Big Dick Palmer. A Name he was given by his friend Skip Martin of Roma Craft fame after he was recognized and giving more attention at a shop in Florida then Mike Rosales (also Roma Craft) and Mike Szczepankiewcz from Powstanie one evening in 2021.[1]

BDP Press Release