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Shirtless Mike
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Shirtless Mike is an American Cigar Personality and Host of Herf Zone Live! Shirtless Mike got his start by writing for Stogie Press in 2018 and gained popularity nationwide and internationally with his Cigar 101 and Cigar Lifestyle Articles. Shirtless Mike is also co-founder of Taking it to the nub with Boston Jimmie which is a podcast that spotlights cigar brand owners, personalities, etc... In July of 2020 Shirtless Mike caused controversy online caused by his statements regarding the officer involved in the killing of George Floyd. This also included doxxing said officer, which everyone agrees is a line not to be crossed. Due to his opinions being blasted on social media Shirtless Mike ultimately separated professionally with Stogie Press and with Front Line cigars who were selling his Team Shirtless Mike T-Shirts.

Shirtless Mike went live on facebook hours later with a public apology and took a few months away from the spotlight. In September of 2020 Shirtless Mike started his own show called "Herf Zone Live!" where he spotlighted people in and out of the cigar industry and focuses on the people behind the brand and allows them to tell their story about themselves and their brand. Guests have included Raylo (Dem Damn Dogs) Matt Booth (Room 101) Ranier Lorenzo (HVC Cigars) Shorty Rossi (Pit boss) and many many more! Herf Zone Live! is live every Tuesday at 7:30pm on You Tube and Face book and is archived via You Tube for easier play back.

In 2022 Shirtless Mike started a second podcast with retired LEO Bobby Caruso called "Gangsters and Cigars", which is a pre recorded podcast that is focused on cigars and talking about organized crime (not just mafia related) They feature guests and shirtless Mike provides the commentary on the cigars being smoked during the show and is in charge of uploading to You Tube weekly. Gangsters and Cigars can be found on You Tube by Searching for Gangsters and Cigars Podcast.

Shirtless Mike is also a Retail Tobacconist at Smoke Rings 72 in Merritt Island Florida owned by Louis Riposta. In addition to selling cigars Shirtless Mike also runs the social media for the shop and is in charge of customer relations for the shop, growing the customer base and maintaining relationships and repeat business. Visit Shirtless Mike at Smoke rings 72 925 N. Courtenay Pkwy, Merritt Island Florida 32953. Smoke Rings 72

Early life

Shirtless Mike was Born February 22nd, 1989 (33 years old) To William Holmes and Carol Liberatore. He grew up in Rockledge Florida in a working class house hold and grew up with a younger Brother, His parents divorced and his dad later remarried and has a step brother and 2 siblings from his father. Shirtless Mike Graduated from Rockledge High school and while in Highschool he used to rap and was apart of a rap group called Deep Impact that traveled across Florida doing concerts at churches because it was a Christian rap group. When Mike was 22 his mom had his youngest sister making him the oldest of 6 children between his parents.