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Si Sweeney was born in Ireland in 1968 in Bantry West Cork. Emigrated in 1985. Joined military. When he left the military he worked in various nightclubs and also at Manchester United football club. He has always loved boxing and bodybuilding. His love of cigars started over thirty years ago.

Si is a NABBA (oldest Federation in bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger won 4 Nabba Mr. Universe titles) international judge and is the only person to receive the Oscar Heidenstam Commitment and dedication award more than one time. He has received it 3 years in a row which is a huge accomplishment considering all 60 member Nabba countries.

Si is a Nabba honorary lifetime member since 2016. He is also the UIBFF President for UK and Ireland. Si is also a Cigar Rights of the World Ambassador for Ireland and an Ambassador for Light 'em Up. He is the Founder and administrator of two cigar groups on Facebook and a cigar page, and also the administrator for Cigar Lovers Club. He is currently working on a book about the history of the cigar .. Titled "Seed to Soul".

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