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Smoke World
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Smoke World is a podcast website hosted by Stone. Like many others, I have had a love for the cigar and culture. It was in the mid-’90s when I had my first cigar in Cancun Mexico. Unfortunately, I don't recall what that cigar was, but nonetheless, I became a lover of the leaf and since that time, I have become a huge fan of a Maduro cigar.

I have been blessed to be able to smoke in lounges around the world. I have had the pleasure of sitting down and grabbing a stick, and a glass of whatever I was drinking and had some of the greatest conversations in the cigar lounge.

I started Smoke World podcast because of like-minded people. I would meet some of the most intriguing people and they would share some amazing stories that only they could tell. It was, for this reason, that, I decided to create Smoke World.[1]