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Stogie Press
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Stogie Press started as an idea for a local cigar magazine in the Space Coast area of Florida. Although ultimately it didn’t take off, it did inspire the lifestyle blog & cigar review website you see today! Boston Jimmie dreamed of this place for cigar lovers & works hard everyday to make it so. His wife, Dianne, came up with the idea for this site nine years ago, after Boston told her about his original idea for a magazine. “Why not do an online cigar lifestyle ‘magazine'” and so, Stogie Press was born.

Stogie Press strives to provide clear, honest cigar reviews with a primary focus - cigars deserving to be enjoyed. We travel to locations, looking for the best cigar lifestyle has to offer around the globe. As such, Stogie Press also brings the world’s finest cigar lounges & offers annual distinctions of “Lounge of the Year”, “Cigar of the Year”, “Product Reviews, “Lifestyle Event Coverage”

Our rating system is objective with clear reasoning for the points awarded. We use the controversial scoring system of "flavor doesn't matter" where only construction is evaluated, which could actually be done by a machine. Stogie Press wants to be the one source for every cigar lover of every smoking level.[1]