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Stogie Tobacconist
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Stogie Tobacconist is a cigar mobile lounge where guests become family. A place of luxury, relaxation, and ambiance is the global popularity demand. Stogie Tobacconist strives to provide first-class service of quality and products. Our goal is to ensure that every guest is treated and serviced as a VIP.

Stogie Tobacconist was founded by Robert Pooler Jr in January 2020. After 20 years of cigar reviews and research Robert decided it was time to launch his own cigar brand and Mobile Lounge. With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, Stogie Tobacconist was born. With opulence for all cultures, Stogie Tobacconist offers hand-rolled cigars with premium blend tobacco from sweet to bold imported from Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.

Stogie Tobacconist Mobile Lounge Includes
  • Fully Furnished 24ft Luxury Trailer with Seating up to 12-15 Guests
  • Premium House Brand & 400+ Cigars Fully Stocked
  • Free Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Surround Sound System
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • 4 Smart HD TVs with Satellite
  • Mobile Phone Charging Stations
  • Access to Fully Stocked Accessories & Apparel
  • Cutting & Lighting Service
  • BYOB


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