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The India Cigar Club, founded in August 2014 by mother and son team Shweta Kapoor and Raahuul Kapoor, brings together wonderful people who have a similar passion: smoking the finest cigars in the world. The club acts as a meeting point for cigar lovers, uniting people who appreciate cigar culture and share the passion and values of the cigar community. The India Cigar Club recently announced the re-opening of Cigar Subscription applications across India, billing it as the perfect opportunity for passionate cigar lovers to savour beautiful, exclusively curated cigars. The Cigar Subscription is ideal for newbies and cigar enthusiasts who want to experiment with new cigars but are not sure where to start.

“I believe that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important aspect of life. The India Cigar Club, also known as TICC was founded by my mother and I. Curating cigar packs for holidays, workspaces, and casual outings turned out to be the reason for our profound love of cigars,” said Mr Raahul Kapoor, Co-Founder of The India Cigar Club.

The subscription pack comprises the best New World and Cuban cigar brands and will give access to the India Cigar Club app which features easy to read and understand cigar tasting notes, along with an advanced cigar rating calculator allowing users to rate and catalogue all the cigars they have enjoyed.

“Each month’s subscription includes a surprise edible. This could be food, coffee, or tea, to pair with the cigar profiles. All food and/or drink included each month is 100% gluten-free and vegan, making it the first Cigar Subscription in the world to cater towards a more sustainable and healthier world,” said Kapoor. “We want to connect people with cigars that suit their personality, hence we’ll help cigar lovers find the perfect cigar for their next celebration. Whatever the occasion or day, we promise to deliver cigars all over India. With nearly 150 subscribers since 2017, we have been receiving applications but were unable to cater to them. Now we have extended our exclusive brand range and are looking forward to welcoming the next 150 subscribers.”[1]