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Vanessa Vazquez
FacebookVanessa Vazquez

Vanessa Vazquez is a Select Draw Cigar Cutters Bi-Lingual Ambassador, known on social media networks as “Miss_V”, is a cigar enthusiast and influencer. Her journey into the industry began in Puerto Rico, (“La Isla Del Encanto”), where she was born. In 2020 Miss V's love for cigars compelled her to support the community by promoting businesses and multiple cigar groups. Her passion and curiosity fueled her desire for expanding her knowledge through event partnerships with Top Leaf Cigar Lounge in Winston Salem, NC and Amendola Family Cigars based out of Durham, NC. As a Sister of the Leaf (“SOTL”), she loves collaborating with fellow SOTL’s sharing knowledge and supporting women in embracing the lifestyle. Her future goals include a Cigar Sommelier Certification and mastering the art of hand rolling cigars.

Top Cigars of 2022

  1. Placencia Cosecha 149
  2. Oliva Series V
  3. La Flor Dominicans
  4. La Aroma de Cuba Torpedo
  5. Davidoff Dominicana Toro
  6. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos
  7. Avo Syncro Caribe Toro
  8. A J Fernandez Enclave
  9. Sixty by Rocky Patel
  10. Flor de Selva