Rose M. Baumann (Select Draw Ambassador)

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Rose M. Baumann
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Rose M. Baumann is a Select Draw Cigar Cutters ambassador from Appleton Wisconsin. A 40 year cigar enthusiast; a 7 year veteran Tobacconist, for Appleton Souvenir and Cigar Co. Rose began her cigar journey in 1981.

She would actually learn the ins and outs of Antique car restoration. Always one of the boys, her first with her father. An experience she has fond memories of long afternoons with her father and god-father working in the garage and enjoying cigars.

She started at Appleton Souvenir and Cigar as a part time fill in. It lead her to the full time career she loves to this day. Specializing in customer service, and paring cigars with the perfect drink

Rose does daily live forum with Genevieve Harris (Select Draw Ambassador). They welcome the Cigar World to share in a global family. In a fun and exciting experience.



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